• Weld Cleaner

    · Use required tools to clean spatter and other visual flaws from welded materials

    · Use grinder or applicable tool to prep surfaces for bending and forming

    · Examine work pieces for defects and measures work pieces with straightedges or templates to ensure conformance with specifications

  • Welder

    · Read blueprint, diagrams, sketches and read measurements to plan layout and procedures

    · Determine the appropriate welding equipment or method based on requirements

    · Conduct repairs, modifications and retrofits

  • Mechanical Assembler

    · Read, interpret, and follow basic diagrams, engineering drawings, specifications and other written instructions to accurately assemble equipment and products

    · Utilize handheld tools such as handheld wrenches, sockets, air guns

    · Follow and help maintain assembly procedure specifications

  • Material Handler/Forklift Operator

    · Assist with off-loading trucks

    · Assist shipper/reciver with checking shipment to verify the product, weight and other related information

    · Transport various sizes/quantities of product and materials throughout the facility

  • Engineering Assistant

    • Understanding and carrying out tasks given by Senior engineers.