Precision Auto Dismantler

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BPAD Models

The BATEMAN Precision Auto Dismantler is built to withstand the toughest of recycling applications in order to minimize downtime and increase efficiency.

  • Immense jaw power.

  • Precision handling.


Products Specification

The BATEMAN Precision Auto Dismantler is known for both its precision and its immense jaw power. Maximize the value of end-of-life vehicles. The Precision Auto Dismantler is a sound investment, as it leaves no piece of high-value material overlooked.

Model BPAD150
Tine Width in (mm) 2.25 (57)
Weight lb (kg) 2,600 (1,179)
Opening Width in (mm) 36.75 (933)
Model BPAD200
Tine Width in (mm) 3 (76)
Weight lb (kg) 2,900 (1,315)
Opening Width in (mm) 36.75 (933)

Designed for 130 to 200 class excavators.

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