Recycling International: 10-yd Ships Gear Grapple


Canada – Bateman Manufacturing of Canada, whose giant crane attachments are used to load scrap on to ships, has entered the South American market, recently delivering three of its 10 yard ships gear grapples to a customer in Ecuador.

These massive, self-contained crane attachments weigh almost 12 tonnes and are claimed to be the first of their kind. According to Bateman, they have transformed ship-loading methods ′by moving material in a fraction of the time′ when compared to previous techniques.

Over the past 12 years, the firm has delivered 50 such grapples. Today, its 10 yard ships gear grapples can be seen at ports throughout Canada and the USA, as well as in Mexico, the Netherlands and now Ecuador. And Bateman is ′confident′ in future market growth not only in North America but also on other continents.

Meanwhile, Bateman has extended its range of ship loading attachments with the introduction of the 6 yard trimming grapple. Smaller than the 10 yard grapple, this ′easily moves the material into and around the inside of the ships′, the firm notes.


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