Recycling Product News: Latest Demo-Mag


Demolition Magnet Grapple


The latest version of Bateman’s Demo-Mag combines the versatility of the company's Demolition Grapple, with a durable magnet for separating valuable ferrous steel. The combination, Demolition Magnet Grapple is a great solution for metal separation and material handling. It is supplied with standard pin-on lugging and can be used with pin grabber couplers.

 The Bateman Demo-Mag is available for 150 Class, 200 Class, 300 Class and  400 Class excavators. This All-in-One solution requires no attachment changes, and eliminates broken cables due to chain-hung magnets.

According to Bateman, this product will allow production rates to increase, along with a company’s bottom line. Plus, by combining the Bateman Demo-Mag with one of Bateman’s Hydraulic Generator Systems, users can achieve even greater production and less downtime.

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